Meh Speech Bubble Custom Dimmable LED Neon Signs for Wall Decor (Customization Options: Color, Size, Dimming, Wall Mounted, Desktop Type, Hanging in a Window/Ceiling,Indoor/Outdoor Use,Electrical/Battery Powered)

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Size (The longest side):
0-20 inches
21-36 inches
37-48 inches
49-60 inches
61-72 inches
73-84 inches
85-96 inches
97-108 inches
109-120 inches
Electrical / Battery Powered
Electrical plug
Battery powered
Power Plug
United States/Canada
United Kingdom
Australia/New Zealand
Other Countries
Indoor / Outdoor Use
Indoor use
Outdoor use
Installation Method
Wall mounted
Hanging in a window
Hanging from a ceiling
Desktop self standing
Backplane Color:
Cables Color:
Gift Options:
Gift packaging materials
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Features Details

● Beautiful, Cute and Bright, you can adjust your neon to any brightness you want, Create a beautiful ambiance throughout the room. It's perfect to brighten up any room including your bedroom, living room, garage, office.

● Quiet and no noise, can be placed anywhere, and instantly becomes a unique art piece and the wow factor to your space, The transparent wires are practically invisible, Nice and clean.

● Absolutely safe. Made from soft silicone tubes and are very safe to be around children. Suitable for any home, bar, coffee shop, store, dormitory, wedding, party, along with anniversary, birthday or holiday gifts for children, your loved ones, parents and friends. 

● You chose your colors to match the mood You feel. You can choose a custom color  and size from our 10 available options before you add it to your cart.

● You can visit our custom listing: Customize Neon, completely customizable, from a custom color palette to a custom size, text, letters and patterns, let your imagination run wild.

Product Description

● Size: 9 options (Other sizes can be customized). 

● Color: 10 color options (Mixed colors also can be customized).

● Dimmable: Option available.

● Weight: 2.50 (LB)

● Power plug and Input voltage: The plug and voltage are suitable for your local standard. (Battery powered also can be customized, but batteries must be purchased separately).

● Output voltage: 12V (Battery powered also can be customized, but batteries must be purchased separately).

● Material: Silica gel tubes.

● Cables: 10 ft. (Other lengths can be customized).

● Backplane color: Transparent (other colors can be customized, including mirror).

● Waterproof: Option available. 

● Mounting: Wall Mounted with 2 screws or a rope (desktop self standing type and hanging in a window/ceiling type can be customized).